2016-2017 You Choose Winners

Brendan Balcerak Jackson

Brendan Balcerak Jackson, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy.

Publicize a day-long cognitive studies symposiumfor UM graduate students. The goals of this symposium are (1) to increase awareness of the newinter-departmental Cognitive Studies Network at UM, (2) to increase the level of graduate student involvement in the network, and (3) to  promote interdisciplinary research in cognitive studies at  UM.  Balcerak Application

Joanna Johnson

Joanna Johnson, Ph.D. Director of Writing, College of Arts and Sciences; Senior Lecturer, Department of English.

Invite anacademic/speaker/researcher for a workshop/lecture to talk about this crisis [failure to replicate results] in scientific and biomedical research, including work on the latest initiatives for improving reproducibility.  The replication crisis is of relevance to a broad anddiverse group of researchers and faculty in the University of Miami (UM) scientific community--fromscientists and social scientists tobiomedical researchers--at all three campuses. The goal of this project is to provide a community-wide forum for discussion on recent developments and initiatives to address the reproducibility crisis in scientific and biomedical research.Johnson ApplicationJohnson Final Report


Laura Rikard, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Department of Theatre.

Implement a workshop that will build interdisciplinary relationships between the sciences and the theatre arts.Shakespeare for Scientists is a workshop that helps scientists and future scientists develop skills for presenting dynamic and comprehensive scientific presentations by applying performance techniques used when speaking Shakespearean texts. The goal of implementing this program at the University of Miami is to expand the breadth of scientist this work may be able to serve whileencouragingscientific scholars to buildan appreciation for the technical skills of the performing arts as well as anunderstanding of how to apply these skills in their ownscientific fields.Rikard ApplicationRikard Final Report


Wangda Zuo, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Department of Civil, Architectural and Enviromental Engineering.

Accelerate UM’s research activities in Smart City by facilitating internal collaborations among different units and seeking the collaboration with leading intuitions in smart grid research.Zuo ApplicationZuo Final Report