2015-2016 You Choose Winners

You Choose Leadership Award Winners, 2015-2016
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Lilian Abbo, M.D., Ivette Motola, M.D., M.P.H., Nanette Vega
Associate Professors, Miller School of Medicine, and Executive Director of Programs for the Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs to host Women in Academic Medicine Professional Development Workshop. This program will be open to all faculty residents and fellows with a focus on the advancement of women.  Proposal

lisa-beal-amy-clement ‌

Lisa Beal, Ph.D. and Amy Clement, Ph.D.Professors of Ocean Sciences and Atmospheric Sciences, respectively, will host a day-long workshop on Advancing Mentor-Mentee relationships led by Merlin Walberg, Phoenix Consulting, with Interactive Theatre Presentation directed by SEEDS Interactive Theatre Ensemble, for graduate students and faculty.  ProposalFinal Report

‌  aaron-heller

Aaron Heller, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Psychology, to invite a well-known affective neuroscientist to UM to present her research and offer trainings in how to use the fMRI compatible equipment in the most advanced way.  This will help foster cohesion amongst the growing number of faculty and student under UM's "Understanding the Brain" initiative in neuroscience.  Cosponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences. Proposal. ‌ Final Report.


Osamudia James, J.D., Professor, School of Law, will host a 5-full day (or 10-half day) interdisciplinary course/workshop on Ferguson and the #BlackLivesMatter Movement, speakers will include faculty from across schools/departments as well as external speakers with a focus on urban politics and social movements.  This will be open to faculty and students.   Proposal.


 Jason Nomi, Ph.D., Post-doctoral Researcher, and Lucina Uddin, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Psychology, will host a prominent computer scientist/engineer to give a colloquium, and one-on-one discussion with neuroimaging investigators.  Co-sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences Proposal‌. Final Report.


 Alexandra Perisic, PhD., Assistant Professor, Modern Languages and Literatures, will host a two-day symposium in collaboration with the LAPES (Latin American Philophies of Education Society) at Columbia University.  Four prominent Latin American scholars will be invited to examine how Latin American philosophies of education can transform the English speaking world.  Co-sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences Proposal‌. Final Report.

‌ abhishek-prasad-noel-ziebarth

Abhishek Prasad, Ph.D., and Noël Ziebarth, Ph.D., Assistant Professors, Biomedical Engineering, will host Dr. Jeffrey Tatro, Tufts University, to provide one-on-one grant writing consultations with junior, tenure-track faculty. Co-sponsored by the College of Engineering. Proposal. 


Jyotika Ramaprasad, Ph.D., Professor, Journalism and Media Management, will host Dr. Svetlana Pasti, University of Tampere's School of Communication, in which she will present a lecture on Russian Journalism and lead a mentoring workshop for graduate students on managing a large multi-country research project.  Proposal‌.   Final Report.


Justin Stoler, Ph.D.  Assistant Professor, Geography, will host a Medical Social Science Speaker Series to support junior faculty in Medical Social Sciences. Co-sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences Proposal‌. 
Final Report.


Stephen Symes, M.D., Associate Professor, Infectious Diseases; Dimitri Augustin, M.D.,M.S., Resident Department of Internal Medicine; Nanette Vega, M.A., Executive Director, will host the Everyday Bias Workshop for Healthcare Professionals led by Howard Ross, in which participants will delve into current research on unconscious bias, learn cutting-edge interventions and create strategies to enact real change in themselves and institutions.  Proposal.  

‌  paquita-zuidema

Paquita Zuidema, Ph.D., Professor, Atmospheric Sciences, will invite Mary Ann Holmes, author of "Women in the Geosciences: Practical, Positive Practices Towards Parity," to host a workshop exploring issues pertaining to gender parity in the geosciences to present to RSMAS and UM Community on identifying implicit bias and gender and strategies for best practices.  Proposal‌.

Wangda Zuo 

Wangda Zuo, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering, to facilitate the internal collaborations between nonacademic and academic units at UM and seek external collaborations with the Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory in order to turn UM's campus energy system into a living laboratory for research and education while increaing its efficiency, reliability and resilience.  Co-sponsored by the College of Engineering. Proposal‌.