You Choose Award winners 2011


Bill Browne, College of Arts and Sciences, to host two collaborators bringing skills vital to a transcriptome-based forward genetic screen designed to identify genes associated with the first restriction of developmental potential in a ctenophore, an emerging model system for understanding development, particularly the initial acquisition of differential cell fates. Cost share provided by Biology. Proposal


Nurcin Celik, College of Engineering, for a three-semester seminar series that invites distinguished women faculty in Systems and Industrial Engineering who focus on simulation and modeling of sustainable systems including energy power systems. This series will create opportunities for junior faculty to meet and mingle with female role models of the engineering profession who share the similar career goals and have experienced (and somehow passed) the same barriers during advancement to tenure. Cost share provided by Dean Tien. Proposal‌. Final Report.


Carla Hurt, College of Arts and Sciences, for a research project that will engage three female scientists at different points in their research career. They will calibrate the rate at which DNA mutations accumulate across the nuclear genome in a system that provides well-dated fossil record as a reference point. This work will help to establish a molecular clock for nuclear DNA. Cost share provided by Biology. Proposal.


Mary Lou King, Miller School of Medicine, with Lina Shehadeh, Research Assistant Professor, to fund a commercial proteonomic analysis of germ plasm isolated from Xenopus, to gather preliminary results for a collaborative grant proposal targeted toward understanding the gene network underlying germ cell totipotency and fate. Proposal.


Angela Knapp, RSMAS, to bring a speaker for the larger university community to discuss “stereotype threat,” how the perception of stereotypes can limit the achievement of a vulnerable individual, and also how simple changes, both in the actions of non-vulnerable and vulnerable individuals, can mitigate the damage caused by stereotype threat. Proposal Final Report.


Cynthia Levy, Miller School of Medicine, for a workshop focused toward underrepresented minorities in academia, to focus on three aspects: negotiation skills, communication skills and mentoring. The workshops will be led by a high-powered female faculty from UM and two outside speakers. Cost share provided by Marc Lippman. Proposal‌.


Fulvia Verde, Miller School of Medicine, to bring in a collaborator and his graduate students for two visits, to combine microscopic and mathematical modeling to extend a project currently under review in Science, and provide impetus for a grant proposal. This activity will foster the careers of two assistant professors and a postdoc, in a cross-disciplinary research effort between physics and cell biology.


Sonia Yoo, Miller School of Medicine, to establish a formal mentoring program in her department that will pair junior women faculty with more senior faculty. The program will have three formal sessions during the year, followed by a pairing of mentors with mentees. Proposal. Final Report