Interactive Theatre Ensemble

The SEEDS Interactive Theatre Ensemble (“ITE”) provides a unique training tool with which the UM Community can examine academic climates, identify challenges to career success and establish practices that promote diversity and inclusiveness.  Based on Field interviews with UM faculty and students as well as published research, SEEDS ITE sketches dramatize the complexities of familiar academic situations.  With the guidance of a trained facilitator, audience members have the opportunity to reflect on the presented materials, share their points of view and experiences with one another, as well as question and dialogue with actors in character.  SEEDS ITE presentations may be tailored to meet the specific needs of a group or organization.  A minimum of one hour is typically required for the presentation and interactive conversation; longer programs can include a facilitated problem-solving session in which a community may further strategize its cultural transformation.  Download article on Using Theatre to Stage Instructional and Organizational Transformation 

Performances are available for booking: September 8, 2015 through April 22, 2016.

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SEEDS Interactive Theater Presents: "Beyond the Fourth Wall: Theater for Dialogue"
April 13, 2013 

Visiting Artist-in-Residence, Jeffrey Allen Steiger, conducted a workshop for undergraduate and graduate students focused on methods for creating theatre for provoking dialogue. In this highly interactive workshop, participants had the opportunity to explore important issues related to their experiences on campus and in the surrounding community. Then, by exploring acting and directing techniques that range from basic principles on theatre making to more advanced methods for crafting original work, original scenes were generated that ask hard questions of a potential audience. Writers, directors, and actors were encouraged to attend this workshop.

Jeffrey Allen Steiger was the Artistic Director of the CRLT Theatre Program at the University of Michigan and has been working in theatre and with interactive theatre techniques for over twenty years. Jeffrey has used theatre to work with instructors, professors, medical professionals, and administrators within and outside of the university community. He has written and directed more than 25 plays and sketches that have been performed at over 60 academic institutions including Harvard, Stanford and the University of Nagoya, Japan. Mr. Steiger's recognitions include the TIAA-CREF Hesburgh Certificate of Excellence, the James T.Neubacher Award, and a leadership role in the Association for Theatre in Higher Education Interactive Theatre Focus Group. He has also collaborated with Robert Mankoff, editor of the New Yorker Cartoons, on using improvisation to explore Mankoff's ideas regarding status and the psycho-biological roots of humor.

Presentation of the SEEDS Interactive Theatre at the Annual Networking event Oct 19, 2009.
This event drew 120 participants.

Dress Rehearsal, SEEDS Interactive Theatre at the Annual Networking event Oct 15, 2009.
ITE Dress Rehearsal, 10-15-09 (Evaluation and Comments).

Presentation, "The Mid-Term Review," of the SEEDS Interactive Theatre at RSMAS, Tuesday, May 5, 2009. This sketch portrayed interactions during a faculty meeting that evaluated an assistant professor’s progress toward tenure, followed by an interaction between the junior faculty member and the department chair. During the interactive period following the presentation, Dr. David Wilson of the Department of Biology acted as facilitator. 
ITE The Mid-Term Review, May 2009 (Photos, Evaluation and Comments).  

Presentation of the SEEDS Interactive Theatre for CAS Chairs and Directors April 13, present were Michael Halleran, Dean, Kathryn Tosney, Biology, David Wilson, Biology, Ken Voss, Physics, Lise Drost, Art & Art History, Steve Sapp, Religious Studies, John Kirby, Classics, Vince Cardinal, Theatre Arts, Bryan Page, Anthropology, Will Drennan, Ecosystem Science & Policy, Edmund Abaka, Africana Studies, Perri Lee Roberts, Senior Associate Dean, Daniel Pals, Senior Associate Dean, Jackie Dixon, Senior Associate Dean, Traci Ardren, Women’s & Gender Studies, Robert Johnson, Sociology, V. Ramamurthy, Chemistry. 
ITE for CAS Chairs-Directors_April2009 (Evaluation and Comments).

Focus groups met to guide development of our SEEDS interactive theatre. In December, 2008, two focus groups met with the University of Michigan theatre director, Jeffery Steiger, originator of the landmark interactive theatre program at Michigan and our Director, Jennifer Burke, to learn about our academic culture and concerns. RSMAS met December 8th , Coral Gables met December 9th, 2008. On April 3, 2009, focus groups at the Medical School and at the College of Engineering met with Jennifer Burke, our SEEDS playwright Stephen Svobodo and Kathryn Tosney to talk about their culture and develop material for an additional sketch. 

The Initial reading of a SEEDS script developed through focus and theatre group efforts was December 11, 9AM in Cox 213.