People in the News

Sylvia Daunert Named Chair of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 
Dr. Daunert was the Distinguished Professor and the Gill Eminent Professor of Analytical and Biological Chemistry at the University of Kentucky. She officially became chair at UM on July 1.She is the first woman chair of a basic science department in the Miller School of Medicine. Click here for details.


Barbara Whitlock, Associate Professor of Biology, is lauded for her new online resource (see pdf for e-Veritas account), The Swingle Plant Anatomy Reference Collection. She and undergraduate researchers digitized a microscope slide collection by one of the early greats in tropical botany, Walter Tennyson Swingle. She rescued the collection from a trip to the dumpster and won a grant to move it into the digital age.

Winners of the SEEDS "You Choose" Leadership awards in Spring, 2010 are: 

Andrew Baker, RSMAS
Laura Bianchi, Miller School of Medicine
Villy Kourafalou, RSMAS
Wen-Hsiang Lee, Miller School of Medicine
Pamela Monje, Miller School of Medicine
Helena Blythe Nobleman, College of Arts and Sciences,
Helena Solo-Gabriele, College of Engineering
Click here to view description of their winning projects and download their winning applications. Projects range from developing leadership of a science team to bringing in prominent women scientists, to several proposed workshops: communicating research to policymakers, the public and the media; effective writing; how to navigate the promotions and tenure process; how to develop a successful peer mentoring group.

Winners of the SEEDS "You Choose" Leadership awards in Spring, 2009 are: 

Traci Ardren, Associate Professor, Anthropology 
Lisa Beal, Assistant Professor, Meteorology & Physical Oceanography
Eunji Lim, Assistant Professor, Industrial Engineering 
Joy Lincoln, Assistant Professor, Molecular & Cellular Pharmacology 
Tulay Koru-Sengu, Assistant Professor of Biostatistics, Epidemiology
Paquita Zuidema, Assistant Professor, Meteorology & Physical Oceanography
Projects ranged from a seminar series of eminent engineers, collaborative research in Mexico on Mayan cultures, organization of an international workshop, participation in a career development workshop, forums with NIH program officers focused at under-represented populations, to a career skills course on scientific writing for the UM community.


Overcoming Obstacles A November 2006 UM News Brief (download pdf) describes efforts to maximize the potential of women scientists and engineers in academia. Featured are Elizabeth Fini, Mary Bartlett Bunge, Donna Shalala, Lora Fleming, Kathryn Tosney, Rana Fine, Sharon Smith, Helena Solo-Gabrielle and Norma Kenyon.

University of Miami Scientist Lora Fleming Named 2006 Florida Outstanding Woman in Public Health, reported in University Communications May 25, 2006 download pdf