About Us


About Us

UM Administration established the SEEDS program as a University-level office, focusing on diversity programs and expanding from STEM to all disciplines in the three UM campuses. SEEDS engages all UM faculty with initiatives that provide the tools for the faculty to succeed at all levels of their career while fostering diversity and inclusion.

SEEDS has helped establish consistent programs that are changing the way faculty members develop and succeed. We have partnered with several University units (such as the OIC, OVPR, WIAM, and others) to provide innovative workshops, career, and leadership panels and distinguished speakers, empowering the diverse faculty body and helping them form the cornerstone of UM's strategic vision of an excellent and exemplary university. 

Our climate study assesses how our community sees the climate here at UM. SEEDS orchestrated programs below, works with deans and search committees to address implicit bias issues and to aid recruitment and retention of women and underrepresented minorities, and forms a UM-wide entity that is visibly focused on career and leadership skill development as well as on diversity and inclusion. SEEDS leaders in each school interact with their constituencies to assess needs and develop solutions. Community input hones resources such as Interactive Theatre Sketches, as well as Programs in Mentoring, Career Skills, and Grantsmanship. SEEDS “You Choose Leadership” awards allow imaginative individuals to develop active community events and resources. SEEDS aims to institutionalize programs that successfully transform our working environment and support the careers and success of our diverse community.

History of SEEDS

The National Academies report Beyond Bias and Barriers, chaired by President Donna E. Shalala, documented that, despite advances in the proportion of women and other underrepresented minorities in science and engineering graduate programs, relatively few become successful faculty. Accordingly, the University of Miami former Provost, Tom LeBlanc established a University-level SEEDS office as a focus for diversity programs across all disciplines and all three UM campuses. The program is based on the success of the NSF Advance Award for Women in Science and Engineering grant for SEEDS (Scientists and Engineers Expanding Diversity and Success) and is significantly expanding in scope and programs through all of UM and is designed to increase the opportunity for ALL at UM.